Play Petrie Lane Tunnel
Play The Singing Field
Play Dingle Tower
There’s something about singing that’s inexplicable.
Perhaps the fact that to sing, we need to ‘inspire’ – take in breath.
The word ‘Spirit’ is defined as coming from the Latin word spiritus,
which means breath.
Breathe, inspire, inspiration,
breath in, breath out.



r “Nicola has recently completed her PhD in the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature Art and Culture – Cultural Mediations (Music Stream) at Carleton University. Her work expands her understanding of our vocal culture. More information about her research can be found when you click here.

She is a Music Therapist, certified by the Canadian Association of Music therapists and has worked for over 30 years in the field as an independent practitioner.  She has worked with children, teens, adults, in elder care, in hospice and in palliative care. She is now retired from her practice, but continues to work as an educator, and researcher, and continues to lead vocal exploration groups. 

The Singing Field

Responses to Participation in performances of
Environmental Vocal Exploration

My PhD research is now complete. I explored singing as a listening practice through the use of improvisational singing in place. I am honoured to have studied under the expert guidance of Dr. Jesse Stewart, Dr. Ellen Waterman of Carleton University and Dr. Yana Meerzon of the University of Ottawa. The Singing Field, an immersive, collaborative performance piece, took place throughout summer 2020. Six singers performed together to help me understand what the act of engaging in environmental vocal exploration (EVE) teaches us about environments and our selves. Hasi Eldib created a documentary film based on six performances of vocal improvisation in six locations around the Ottawa area.

If you find this idea intriguing at all, wish to invite me to speak at your event, have me lead a sing event, or just wish to know more, please contact me, for more information.

Nicola_Oddy_logo_music note that turns into birds in flight

I will be adding updates here for my studies, speaking engagements, upcoming workshops, and choir performances. Stay tuned!

EVE Enters the Music Therapy Session

In April 2023, Nicola is embarking on new research to expand her concept of EVE and to create a case study to support her use of EVE in music therapy sessions. This is her next step in developing EVE as a new model of practice that others can use in their sessions.

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