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Music Therapist

Nicola has been a music therapist since 1985. She has worked independently in over 40 different locations in the Vancouver and Ottawa areas and also spent five years in the positions of “Music Therapist and Arts Therapies Lead” and “Co-ordinator of Recreation and Creative Arts” at Perley Health in Ottawa. In her years as a music therapist, she worked with a full range of populations and ages, using the voice as her primary mode of connection with others. Her most beloved way of working is to enable people to understand more about themselves through the messages that our voices offer us. She leads seminars, chant sessions, and offers lectures based on this work.

Nicola is available to lead workshops that help people to experience the voice at every level – from beginners who are shy about singing, to professionals who wish to experience personal growth through the voice. Her workshops are completely adaptable to any group.

She also provides voice-centred psychotherapy for individuals and groups.

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