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The following are samples of workshops I have given in the past.
Please note, I am hoping to revive these as the current Covid climate improves.

My Voice, My Self

Spirit Art Studio, held a series of workshops that were led by artists from many branches of the creative arts. This workshop was for those who wished to learn more about themselves through their voices. The SpiritArt Studio is located at 317 Chapel Street Ottawa,...

Delving deeper through the voice

Join Nicola  to use your voice as a way to delve a little deeper.  We'll use vocal experiences to find more about what makes us tick.  We'll use song, chant, harmony, rhythm, songwriting, and improvisation to help us learn something new about ourselves. This workshop...

Your Voice from the inside and out..

Nicola  presented a workshop during the Music Therapy Conference/Retreat/L'Association québécoise de musicothérapie (AQM) Centre Notre-Dame-de-Fatima 2464 Boulevard Perrot, Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot, QC J7V 8P4 During this workshop, Nicola focused on the experience...

Chant Sessions

Nicola leads sessions in which others can join her to sing meaningful chant.  Find out about the benefits of chanting significant songs with others in a group.  Feel the community, self care, and self discovery. No fee

A Weekend of Vocal Discovery.

Nicola led a weekend of vocal discovery at Wintergreen Studios. This retreat weekend at Wintergreen included song at every step of our time together.  It was for anyone – from those who have never sung with others, to those for whom singing is a daily passion. It was...

A Day of Vocal Discovery

Nicola leads days of vocal discovery in her private studio.  What messages does your voice hold?  What can you learn about your relationship to yourself, your community, and your world through your voice?   Inspire = spirit, inspiration, to be inspired.  Con-spire...

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