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Responses to Participation in Performances of Environmental Vocal Exploration

My PhD research about the use of improvisational singing in Environmental Vocal Exploration (EVE) was completed in January 2022. It’s entitled “Seeking Awareness of Our Selves and the Environment through Vocal Improvisation in The Singing Field”. I am honoured to have studied under the expert guidance of Jesse Stewart, PhD, Ellen Waterman, PhD of Carleton University and Yana Meerzon, PhD of the University of Ottawa. The Singing Field – an immersive, collaborative performance piece was completed throughout summer 2020. Hasi Eldib created the documentary film based on inspiring sings in six locations. Six singers performed together to help me understand what the act of engaging in EVE taught us about environments, and our selves. 

If you find this idea intriguing at all, wish to book me to speak at your event, lead a sing event or just wish to know more, please contact me, for more information.


Please enjoy the documentary The Singing Field an immersive, collaborative performance piece by selecting one of the videos provided.

Progress Notes

The Singing Field Update

This project was carried out in summer of 2020. We sang in six locations. The first at a remarkable underpass near Petri Lane in Kanata, and the second at Hogsback Park in Ottawa. The third at the vibrant and very public Sparks St. Mall, the fourth on Richmond road...

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